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Charlie adores vacuuming. And by “adores” I mean he has a slightly freakish obsession with it. Our regular vacuum is too big for him to use himself (he can do it, but he doesn’t have the stamina for doing the whole house, which he likes to do), so he begs Mark to vacuum for him. Mark vacuums the house while Charlie squeals with excitement, dances around and on the vacuum, pulls the cord out of the wall, and turns the power switch off and on. Charlie has a toy vacuum which is the right size and weight for him to push (or bang) around the house, but it doesn’t actually suck up any dirt and he sometimes gets bored with it.

On Saturday morning, I went to a yard sale and came home with several items: a great sun hat, several shirts, and a present for Charlie. The latter item is the true gem of the bunch — an item that surely has me on the fast-track to Mensa membership:

This vacuum is the right size and weight for Charlie to push around himself and it actually works. Since Saturday morning, Charlie has vacuumed the entire house four times. We just have to follow him around plugging the cord into the electrical socket in whatever room he’s in. Then we just sit back and let him go.

Behind the curtains -- a frequently overlooked place by inferior vacuumers

Hmm, I wonder how he’d do with a mop.


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