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Neither Mark nor I are too enthusiastic about decorating for Christmas. We never have been. While I appreciate a beautifully decorated home in someone else’s house, I can’t help but feel like decorating in my own home is sort of a hassle. Consequently, we’ve never bothered to be well-equipped to deck the halls. But this is the first year that Charlie is aware of and seems to understand Christmas (at least the decorating/Santa/presents part). So he’s been asking about how we’re going to get ready for Christmas.

Since I’m all about using what you have and doing things for less dollars, I was thrilled to stumble upon this idea for making a holiday garland out of pine cones. And since you know our front yard is chock full of pine trees, we have plenty of pine cones to use as decorations. You can find the full directions for the pine cone garland here, but the concept is simple: screw small cup holders into the bottom of each pine cone, punch small holes in a long ribbon, and hang a pine cone from each hole.

This was a great activity to do with Charlie. Charlie collected a huge number of pine cones from the front yard, sorted them by size and quality (no inferior pine cones were going to grace our garland!), then he helped hang each pine cone in a hole in the ribbon.

Coupled with other items we already had such as stockings (including a beautiful embroidered one for Charlie made by my very talented mom), ornaments in a vase, a cool red star made by my artistic sister-in-law, and some candles, this pine cone garland makes our fireplace look downright festive.

All told, our decorated fireplace cost just a few bucks for the small cup holders for the pine cones. Not bad at all.

And for the next family decorating project, I think we’ll try homemade paper snowflakes which in addition to being pretty and oh so inexpensive, will give Charlie some practice using scissors. Then we’ll get a Christmas tree which will be our decorating splurge because, whether we go real or artificial, it’s certainly going to put us back more than a few dollars.

What are you doing this year to decorate for the holidays? Do you go all out or are you more of a less is more decorator?


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